Jacob ben Aḥa

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JACOB BEN AḤA (end of the third and beginning of the fourth century c.e.), Palestinian amora. Jacob was mainly a halakhist, and his halakhic dicta are frequently mentioned in both Talmuds, but he is also known as an aggadist (Tanḥ. B., Ex. 51; pr, supplement, p. 202a; et al.). He studied under R. *Johanan (tj, Shevu. 1:3, 33a) and frequently transmits sayings in his name (tj, Ber. 7:2, 11b; et al.). He also frequently transmits sayings in the names of the scholars of preceding generations, such as R. *Hezekiah, the school of *Yannai, *Simeon b. Jehoẓadak (Shab. 1:1, 2d). He is mentioned as being in Sepphoris together with Hezekiah, a younger contemporary amora (tj, Ber. 3:1, 6a). He was active in communal affairs, and many queries were addressed to him by leading contemporary amoraim (tj, Shab. 6:2, 8a; et al.).


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Jacob ben Aḥa

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