Jacob ben Dunash ben Akiva

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JACOB BEN DUNASH BEN AKIVA (tenth century), liturgical poet. Some support for the assumption that Jacob came from North Africa can be found in the name Dunash, which is borrowed from the Berbers. A few of his piyyutim, discovered in the Cairo Genizah, have been published by various scholars. These are: a yoẓer for Passover, based on the Song of Songs; two piyyutim for the Day of Atonement, one of which was incorporated into a kerovah of Eleazar *Kallir for the Musaf of that day and is structured entirely on an analogy between the "celestial King" (God) and the "earthly king" (man); and a piyyut for Ḥanukkah.


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Jacob ben Dunash ben Akiva

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