Jacob ben Aaron of Karlin

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JACOB BEN AARON OF KARLIN (d. 1844), Lithuanian rabbi and author. Jacob b. Aaron, a grandson of *Baruch b. Jacob of Shklov, was a pupil of *Ḥayyim of Volozhin. He was first rabbi of Gorodok and later of Karlin, where he served for 30 years, until his death. Jacob was the author of the responsa Mishkenot Ya'akov (Vilna, 1810), many of them with Ephraim Zalman Margulies of Brod, on all sections of the Shulḥan Arukh; Kehillat Ya'akov (1847), novellae on a number of tractates of the orders Zera'im and Mo'ed. His halakhic works were highly esteemed by yeshivah students, by whom they were much used. Jacob's brother isaac, after devoting himself to business, succeeded him in the rabbinate of Karlin. Isaac, who also achieved an outstanding rabbinical reputation, was the author of Keren Orah (2 parts, 1852–57), on a number of tractates of the Talmud. Both brothers were noted for their struggle against the kidnapping of children for impressment into the Russian army.


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[Itzhak Alfassi]

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Jacob ben Aaron of Karlin

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