Jacob Isaac ben Shalom

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JACOB ISAAC BEN SHALOM (d. 1675 or 1676), rabbi and author. Jacob served as a rabbi in Schrimm and in Lissa, Poland, where he died. Esteemed as a talmudic scholar, his opinion was frequently sought on halakhic matters. He gave his *haskamah to the Magen Avraham by Abraham Abele *Gombiner, his contemporary and relative. His collection of halakhic decisions, Beit Levi, with the subtitle Shelom Bayit, was never printed independently, but extracts from it were printed in Magen Avraham and in Jekuthiel Kaufman's Ḥukkei Da'at, printed as an addendum to Yismaḥ Yisrael by Israel Samuel b. Solomon Rofe.


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Jacob Isaac ben Shalom

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