Jacob of Corbeil

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JACOB OF CORBEIL (d. 1192), tosafist, pupil of Jacob b. Meir *Tam. He and his brother Judah, who were among the earliest scholars of Corbeil, are frequently mentioned in thetosafot. He composed tosafot to tractate Pesaḥim, and his name is mentioned in the printed tosafot as well as in the Tosafot Yeshanim to a number of other tractates. He met a martyr's death in 1192, apparently in his native town. The epithet kadosh ("holy"), added to his name in consequence of his martyrdom, has caused him to be confused with *Jacob of Marvège. Both Jacob of Corbeil and his brother are known to have had some connection with Kabbalah, but the only definite information on this topic is to the effect that Judah belonged to one of the circles of the *Ḥasidei Ashkenaz.


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[Israel Moses Ta-Shma]