Jacob Koppel ben Aaron Sasslower

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JACOB KOPPEL BEN AARON SASSLOWER (second half of 17th century), authority on the masoretic text and cantillation, and author of a work on the *masorah. Jacob Koppel came from Zaslavl near Ostrog (Volhynia). He was the author of Naḥalat Ya'akov (1686), containing the masorah for the reading of the Ten Commandments in accordance with intonation and grammar, as well as various studies on the masorah and Hebrew grammar based upon the Si'aḥ Yiẓḥak of Isaac b. Samuel ha-Levi of Posen and the Iggeret ha-Te'amim of Aaron Abraham b. Baruch. Jekuthiel Lazi b. Nahum Ashkenazi compiled an abridgment titled the Kiẓẓur Naḥalat Ya'akov (1718) with the addition of the kunteres Or Torah by Menahem *Lonzano for the benefit of "those living in the countryside and in villages, who have never seen or known" the original work.


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Jacob Koppel ben Aaron Sasslower

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