Jacob the Liar

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Jacob the Liar ★★ Jakob der Lugner 1974 (PG-13)

When Jacob Heim is stopped for being out of the Jewish ghetto after curfew, he is sent to see the police commander. On the police radio, he hears that the Red Army is advancing and he returns to the ghetto to pass along the news, pretending that he heard it on his own hidden radio. Soon, Jacob is inventing news reports to give his fellow Jews hope. German with subtitles. A sentimental American remake came out in 1999. 101m/C VHS, DVD . GE Armin Mueller-Stahl, Vlastimil Brodsky, Erwin Geschonneck, Henry Hubchen, Blanche Kommerell, Manuela Simon; D: Frank Beyer; W: Jurek Becker; C: Gunter Marczinkowski.

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Jacob the Liar

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