Godwin, Parke

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Parke Godwin, 1816–1904, American journalist, b. Paterson, N.J. He became associated while working on the New York Evening Post with William Cullen Bryant, whose daughter he married. He later published a biography of Bryant (1883) and edited his works (4 vol., 1883–84). He retained his connection with the Post for nearly 45 years, following Bryant as editor in 1878, but, because of differences with the owners, he resigned in 1881 and became editor of the Commercial Advertiser. Godwin, sympathetic with Brook Farm and with Fourierism (see under Fourier, Charles), wrote A Popular View of the Doctrines of Fourier (1844), and for a time edited the Harbinger, the Fourierist magazine. He translated part of Goethe's autobiography (1846–47) and other works from the German.

See A. Nevins, The Evening Post (1922).

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