Godwin, George

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Godwin, George (1813–88). English architect. The son of the architect George Godwin (1789–1863), he is remembered as the editor of The Builder (1844–83), the most important British architectural journal of C19. He also practised with his brothers Sidney (1828–1916) and Henry ((1831–1917), designing the Churches of St Mary Boltons (1849–50), St Luke's, Redcliffe Square (1872–4), and St Jude's, Courtfield Gardens (1870–9), as well as Redcliffe Mansions (1871), all in Kensington, London). He published important papers on concrete (1835), The Churches of London (1838–9), and History in Ruins (1853). He was also active in attempts to ameliorate the housing conditions of the working classes.


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