NAICS 445230 - Fruit and Vegetable Markets

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NAICS 445230 - Fruit and Vegetable Markets*

*Equivalent to SIC 5431.

YearEstablishments (number)Employment (number)Payroll ($ million)Sales ($ million)Employees per Establishment (number)Sales per Establishment ($)Payroll per Employee ($)
Sources: Economic Census of the United States, 1992, 1997 and 2002. Establishment counts, employment, and payroll are from County Business Patterns for non-Census years. Values followed by a ‘p’ are projections by the editors. Sales data for non-Census years are extrapolations, marked by an ‘e’.
19902,94219,312223.31,806.5 e6.6614,038.111,562.8
19913,14519,076243.71,807.9 e6.1574,849.012,775.2
19933,09217,166233.11,868.8 e5.6604,398.413,579.2
19943,10817,268228.91,928.3 e5.6620,431.113,255.7
19953,10318,227249.51,987.8 e5.9640,605.913,688.5
19963,024 e18,153 e257.0 e2,047.3 e6.0 e677,017.2 e14,157.4 e
19983,20617,522256.02,239.8 e5.5698,623.614,610.2
19993,16618,011273.22,372.8 e5.7749,455.115,168.5
20003,20418,451295.02,505.8 e5.8782,073.115,988.3
20013,38220,615374.52,638.7 e6.1780,233.518,166.4
20033,29219,572342.32,622.8 p5.9796,712.217,489.6
20043,21020,211362.72,775.9 p6.3839,668.3 p17,946.5
20053,18419,543377.82,855.4 p6.1859,568.1 p19,332.4
20063,306 p19,688 p373.3 p2,934.9 p5.9 p879,467.8 p19,001.3 p
20073,323 p19,830 p384.3 p3,014.4 p5.9 p899,367.5 p19,470.1 p
20083,341 p19,972 p395.4 p3,093.9 p6.0 p919,267.2 p19,938.9 p
20093,359 p20,114 p406.4 p3,173.4 p6.0 p939,166.9 p20,407.7 p
20103,377 p20,256 p417.5 p3,252.9 p6.0 p959,066.6 p20,876.5 p
YearEstablishments (number)Employment (number)Payroll ($ million)Sales ($ million)Employees per Establishment (number)Sales per Establishment ($)Payroll per Employee ($)
Sources: Same as General Statistics. The values shown reflect change from the base year, 2002.Values above 100 mean greater than 2002, values below 100 mean less than 2002, and a value of 100 in the 1990-2001 or 2003-2010 period means same as 2002. Values followed by a ‘p’ are projections by the editors; ‘e’ stands for extrapolation. Data are the most recent available at this level of detail.
199090.8101.170.565.2 e111.971.869.7
199899.091.880.880.8 e93.281.688.0
199997.794.386.285.6 e96.687.691.4
200098.996.693.190.4 e98.391.496.3
2001104.4108.0118.295.2 e103.491.2109.5
2003101.6102.5108.094.6 p100.093.1105.4
200499.1105.9114.5100.2 p106.898.1 p108.1
200598.3102.4119.2103.0 p103.4100.4 p116.5
2006102.1 p103.1 p117.8 p105.9 p100.0 p102.8 p114.5 p
2007102.6 p103.9 p121.3 p108.8 p100.0 p105.1 p117.3 p
2008103.1 p104.6 p124.8 p111.6 p101.7 p107.4 p120.1 p
2009103.7 p105.3 p128.2 p114.5 p101.7 p109.7 p123.0 p
2010104.3 p106.1 p131.7 p117.4 p101.7 p112.1 p125.8 p
For 2002Avg. of All RetailAnalyzed IndustryIndexFor 2002Avg. of All RetailAnalyzed IndustryIndex
Sources: Same as General Statistics. The ‘Average of All’ column, Wholesale or Retail, represents the average of the sector reported for the most recent complete year available. The Index shows the relationship between the Average and the Analyzed Industry. For example, 100 means that they are equal; 500 that the Analyzed Industry is five times the average; 50 means that the Analyzed Industry is half the national average. The abbreviation ‘na’ is used to show that data are ‘not available’.
Employees per Establishment17635Sales per Employee174,682145,16183
Payroll per Establishment333,44597,83929Sales per Establishment3,332,269855,72726
Payroll per Employee20,31116,59782Expenses per Establishmentnanana
LEADING COMPANIES Number shown: 68 Total sales ($ mil): 52,287 Total employment (000): 97.9
Company NameAddressCEO NamePhoneCo. TypeSales ($ mil)Empl.(000)
Sources: Ward's Business Directory of U.S. Private and Public Companies, Volumes 1 and 2, 2007. The company type code used is as follows: P - Public, R - Private, S - Subsidiary, D - Division, J - Joint Venture, A - Affiliate, G - Group. Sales are in millions of dollars, employees are in thousands. An asterisk (*) indicates an estimated sales volume. The symbol < stands for ‘less than’. Company names and addresses are truncated, in some cases, to fit into the available space.
nash Finch Co.PO Box 355MinneapolisMN55440Alec C. Covington952-832-0534P4,5334.6
Earth Brothers Ltd.Rt. 103ProctorsvilleVT05153Steve Birge802-226-7484R42*0.1
Pedro's Tamales Inc.PO Box 3571LubbockTX79452Mark Hale806-745-9531R10*<0.1
Columbia Empire Farm Inc.PO Box 1DundeeOR97115Floyd Aylor503-538-2156R7*<0.1
Northville Cider Mill Inc.714 Baseline Rd.NorthvilleMI48167Diane Jones248-349-3181R6*<0.1
Mixon Fruit Farms Inc.2712 26th Ave. EBradentonFL34208WP Mixon Jr941-748-5829R6*0.1
J-M Foods Inc.6995 S Hwy. 69 AMiamiOK74354Terry Jurgensmeyer918-540-2437R5*<0.1
JK Packing Co.PO Box 1231UniontownPA15401Joseph Korelko724-437-9801R4*<0.1
Sun Groves Inc.3393 State Rd. 580Safety HarborFL34695Michelle Urbanski727-726-8484R3*<0.1
Lakeside Cider Mill Farm Inc.336 Schauber Rd.Ballston LakeNY12019 518-399-8359R2*<0.1
Country Maid Ice Cream Inc.PO Box 151RichfieldOH44286Mike Torma330-659-6830R1*<0.1
Occupation% of Total 2006Change to 2016Occupation% of Total 2006Change to 2016
Sources: Industry-Occupation Matrix, Bureau of Labor Statistics, December 4, 2007. These data are reported based on 4-digit NAICS categories but have been matched to corresponding 6-digit NAICS industry codes. The change reported for each occupation to the year 2016 is a percent of growth or decline as estimated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The abbreviation nec stands for ‘not elsewhere classified’.
Cashiers, exc gaming17.6-14.4Laborers & freight, stock, & material movers, hand2.7-14.4
Retail salespersons12.5-4.9Packers & packagers, hand2.6-23.9
Food preparation & serving workers, incl fast food7.14.6Meat, poultry, & fish cutters & trimmers2.0-4.9
Food preparation workers5.34.6First-line supervisors/managers of food service workers1.8-4.9
Butchers & meat cutters4.8-4.9Bakers1.5-5.4
Stock clerks & order fillers4.7-20.4Sales reps, wholesale & manufacturing, exc tech1.5-4.9
Counter attendants, cafeteria, concession, & coffee shop4.3-4.9Truck drivers, heavy & tractor-trailer1.4-4.9
First-line supervisors/managers of retail sales workers4.2-7.6General & operations managers1.4-14.4
Driver/sales workers3.4-14.4Bookkeeping, accounting, & auditing clerks1.3-4.9
Truck drivers, light or delivery services3.0-4.9Office clerks, general1.2-6.3

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