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twin / twin/ • n. 1. one of two children or animals born at the same birth. ∎  a person or thing that is exactly like another: there was a bruise on his cheek, a twin to the one on mine. ∎  (the Twins) the zodiacal sign or constellation Gemini. 2. something containing or consisting of two matching or corresponding parts, in particular: ∎  a twin-bedded room. ∎  a twin-engined aircraft. ∎  a twinned crystal. • adj. forming, or being one of, a pair born at one birth: she gave birth to twin boys her twin sister. ∎  forming a matching, complementary, or closely connected pair: the twin problems of economic failure and social disintegration. ∎  Bot. growing in pairs: twin seed leaves. ∎  (of a bedroom) containing two single beds. ∎  (of a crystal) twinned. • v. (twinned , twin·ning ) [tr.] (usu. be twinned) link; combine: the company twinned its core business of brewing with that of distilling.