Twin Beds

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Twin Beds ★★½ 1942

Screwball comedy has newlyweds Mike and Julie Abbott (Brent and Bennett) trying to get a little alone time away from their overly friendy neighbors. The interruptions in clude Julie's exboyfriend Larky (Truex) who's on the lookout for imaginary burg lars, and an inebriated Russian (Auer) who can't find his own room. Both of their wives just add to the fun. Provides plenty of laughs, especially when Auer's on screen. Adapted from the Margaret Mayo/ Salisbury Field play. 85m/B VHS . Joan Bennett, George Brent, Mischa Auer, Glenda Farrell, Ernest Truex, Una Merkel, Margaret Hamilton, Charles Arnt, Charles Coleman, Cecil Cunningham, Thurston Hall; D: Tim Whelan; W: Eddie Moran, Kenneth Earl, Curtis Kenyon; C: Hal Mohr; M: Dimitri Tiomkin.