A nurse practitioner is a medical professional who has received a Master of Science in Nursing degree (MSN). These healthcare workers will also have completed clinical training in a particular nursing area such as geriatric care or emergency room work. Job prospects vary greatly and those who are licensed and trained in this field will likely face a very friendly job market with boundless opportunities.

The overarching goal of a nurse practitioner is to deliver holistic, preventative medical treatment with unique care for each individual patient. His or her role in the healthcare industry is indispensible due to the focus on promoting a healthy lifestyle and preventing disease. Professionals do training in a specific area in order to best serve those under them with targeted expertise.


Nurse Practitioner Career Information

Nurses educated and prepared to do this job find that the possibilities for types of work are endless, and the training can focus on readying him or her for this career. A nurse practitioner who has trained in pediatrics can work in children’s health care, while a focus on developing analytical skills could lead to work in medical research. Facilities where these specialists may work include private practices, educational facilities, community clinics, hospitals and many more. The type of work varies, but generally includes:

  • Accurately diagnosing and treating medical issues such as illness, injury and infection
  • Patient counsel and education
  • Medication prescription
  • Giving patients key information on their medication
  • Ordering and conducting tests

NPs are a valuable assest for many healthcare professionals. The commitment to become one may be hard, but the rewards of having specialized training, providing advanced care for patients and being in leadership roles are what they strive for.

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