Nurimov, Chari

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Nurimov, Chari

Nurimov, Chari, Russian composer; b. Buiramali, Turkmenia, Jan. 1, 1941. He studied with Litinsky at the Gnessin Inst. in Moscow (graduated, 1964); returning to Turkmenia, he worked for the Ashkhabad radio and taught at the music inst. He received awards as a national Turkmenian composer; his Trumpet Concerto became popular.


dramatic: ballet:The End of Sukhovei (1967); immortality (1972); A Kughitang Tragedy (1976). other: Film scores. orch.: 3 overtures (1959,1961,1974); Sym. No. 1 (1963); Trumpet Concerto (1968); Concerto-Poem for Voice and Orch. (1971); Piano Concerto (1973); Ghazels for Oboe, Percussion, Piano, and Strings (1976); The Flame of October, poem (1979); Sinfonietta (1981); Destan Concerto for flute,Oboe, Percussion, Piano, and Strings (1983). chamber: Suite for String Quartet (1960); Violin Sonata (1961); Partita for String Quartet (1963); Oboe Sonatina (1964); The Tekin Frescoes for 11 Instruments (1969); Concert Piece for Trombone and Piano (1971); Pastoral for Flute and Piano (1973); Woodwind Quintet (1979); String Quartet (1980). p i a n o :2 sonatinas (1960, 1965); 3 Fugues (1962); Impromptu-Fantasia (1964); 12 Polyphonic Pieces (1968). vocal: Over 70 songs.

—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire