Wynne-Jones, Tim(othy)

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WYNNE-JONES, Tim(othy)

WYNNE-JONES, Tim(othy). Canadian (born England), b. 1948. Genres: Novels, Children's fiction, Plays/Screenplays, Poetry. Career: PMA Books, Toronto, book designer, 1974-76; University of Waterloo, Instructor in Visual Arts, 1976-78; Instructor in Visual Arts, York University, 1978-80; Solomon and Wynne-Jones, Toronto, graphic designer, 1976-79. Founding member and secretary, Crime Writers of Canada, Toronto, 198184; Toronto Globe and Mail, children's books critic, 1985-88. Publications: FOR CHILDREN. FICTION: Madelaine and Ermadello, 1977; Zoom at Sea, 1983; Zoom Away, 1985; I'll Make You Small, 1986; Architect of the Moon, 1988 in US as Builder of the Moon, 1989; The Hour of the Frog, 1989; Mouse in the Manger, 1993; The Last Piece of Sky, 1993; Some of the Kinder Planets (short stories), 1993; (with A. Lewis) Rosie Backstage, 1994; The Book of Changes (short stories), 1994; Zoom Upstream, 1994; The Maestro, 1995; (reteller) The Hunchback of Notre Dame by Victor Hugo, 1996; Stephen Fair: A Novel, 1998. POETRY: Mischief City, 1986. FOR ADULTS. NOVELS: Odd's End, 1980; The Knot, 1982; Fastyngange, 1988; Voices, 1990. RADIO PLAYS: The Thinking Room, 1981; The Road Ends at the Sea, 1982; The Strange Odyssey of Lennis Freed, 1983; The Testing of Stanley Teagarden, 1985; The Enormous Radio, 1986; St. Anthony's Man, 1987; Mr. Gendelman Crashes a Party, 1987; Dust Is the Only Secret, 1988; We Now Return You to Your Regularly Scheduled Universe, 1992. Address: 142 Winona Dr., Toronto, ON, Canada M6G 3S9.

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Wynne-Jones, Tim(othy)

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