The Muppets Take Manhattan

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The Muppets Take Manhattan ★★★ 1984 (G)

Following a smashing success with a college musical, the Muppets take their show and talents to Broadway, only to face misfortune in the form of an unscrupulous producer. A less imaginative script than the first two Muppet movies, yet an enjoyable experience with numerous major stars making cameo appearances. 94m/C VHS, DVD. Cameos: Dabney Coleman, James Coco, Art Carney, Joan Rivers, Gregory Hines, Linda Lavin, Liza Minnelli, Brooke Shields, John Landis; D: Frank Oz; W: Frank Oz; C: Robert Paynter; M: Ralph Burns; V: Frank Oz, Tom Patchett, Jim Henson.