The Mummy's Ghost

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The Mummy's Ghost ★★ 1944

The fourth in the Universal series and the sequel to “The Mummy's Tomb” has Kharis (Chaney Jr.) searching for the reincarnation of his ancient love, Princess An-anka, who just happens to be New England college coed Amina (Ames). The high priest (Zucco) sends fellow priest Yousef Bey (Carradine) along to assist but he makes the mistake of declaring his own love for Amina and the mummy gets very, very mad. Oh, and both Kharis and Amina sink into a swamp, thus setting up the next (and last) film in the series. 61m/B VHS, DVD . Lon Chaney Jr., John Carradine, Ramsay Ames, Robert Lowery, Barton MacLane, George Zucco; D: Reginald LeBorg; W: Griffin Jay, Henry Sucher, Brenda Weisberg; C: William Sickner; M: Hans J. Salter.