The Last Hard Men

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The Last Hard Men ★★½ 1976

Retired sheriff Sam Burgade (Heston) must save his daughter (Hershey) from escaped convict Provo (Coburn) who kidnapped her as revenge for jailing him and accidently killing his wife. Provo and his gang force a showdown with the reluctant former lawman by threatening bodily harm and worse to the daughter if he doesn't show. Solid work by the leads raises this one above the usual genre fare. 103m/C VHS . Charlton Heston, James Coburn, Barbara Hershey, Michael Parks, Jorge (George) Rivero, Larry Wilcox, Thalmus Rasulala, Chris Mitchum, Morgan Paull, John Quade, Robert Donner; D: Andrew V. McLaglen; W: Guerdon (Gordon) True-blood; C: Duke Callaghan; M: Jerry Goldsmith.