The Last Don 2

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The Last Don 2 ★★½ Mario Puzo's The Last Don 2 1998 (R)

Since Don Clericuzio (Aiello) has died there's a power vacuum that forces widower Cross De Lena (Gedrick) back into the family business. The family is besieged by traitors, even as Cross gets involved in a tentative romance with his autistic stepdaughter's teacher, Josie (Kensit). Then there's crazy, vindictive Aunt Rose Marie (Alley) who falls in love with her conflicted priest (Is-aacs), problems with the Hollywood studio headed by Cross's sister Claudia (Thomas), and ambitious mobster Billy D'Angelo (Wilder) for Cross to deal with. Unwittingly campy but slower moving than the first installment. 127m/C VHS, DVD . Jason Gedrick, Kirstie Alley, Patsy Kensit, James Wilder, David Marciano, Jason Isaacs, Michelle Rene Thomas, Conrad Dunn, Robert Wuhl, Andrew Jackson, Joe Mantegna; Cameos: Danny Aiello; D: Graeme Clifford; W: Joyce Eliason; C: David Franco; M: Roger Bellon. TV