The Last Drop

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The Last Drop ★★ 2005 (R)

Overstuffed WWII adventure that takes place during Operation Market Drop, a failed mission that parachuted British troops into German-occupied Holland. One unit has a separate agenda—they are to rendezvous with Dutch resistance to prevent the Nazis from sending some looted national treasures to Berlin. Only a trio of Nazi deserters are after the same goods. Zane is supposed to be a Canadian pilot and Madsen briefly wanders through as a crusty American officer. 110m/C DVD . GB Billy Zane, Karel Roden, Michael Madsen, Tommy Flanagan, Alexander Skarsgard, Sean Pertwee, Laurence Fox, Neil Newbon; D: Colin Teague; W: Colin Teague, Gary Young; C: Maxime Alexandre; M: David Julyan.