The Last Debate

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The Last Debate ★★½ 2000

Presidential candidates Richard Meredith (Young) and Paul Greene (Gray) are having only one televised debate in their tight race, which is being moderated by political columnist Mike Howley (Garner) and three fellow journalists (McDonald, Murphy, Sanchez). Just before the debate, Howley is given damaging info about Meredith, which he and the other panelists use without verification. Then investigative journalist Tom Chapman (Gallagher) comes in with a lot of questions about the leak and its source. Based on the novel by Jim Lehrer. 90m/C VHS, DVD . James Garner, Peter Gallagher, Audra McDonald, Donna Murphy, Marco Sanchez, Stephen Young, Bruce Gray, Dorian Harewood; D: John Badham; W: John Maass; C: Norayr Kasper. CABLE