The Last Emperor

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The Last Emperor ★★★★ 1987 (PG-13)

Deeply ironic epic detailing life of Pu Yi, crowned at the age of three as the last emperor of China before the onset of communism. Follows Pu Yi from childhood to manhood (sequestered away in the Forbidden City) to fugitive to puppet-ruler to party proletariat. O'Toole portrays the sympathetic Scot tutor who educates the adult Pu Yi (Lone) in the ways of the western world after Pu Yi abdicates power in 1912. Shot on location inside the People's Republic of China with a cast of thousands; authentic costumes. Rich, visually stunning movie. The Talking Heads' David Byrne contributed to the score. 140m/C VHS, DVD . IT John Lone, Peter O'Toole, Joan Chen, Victor Wong, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Dennis Dun, Maggie Han, Ying Ruocheng, Ric Young; D: Bernardo Bertolucci; W: Mark Peploe, Bernardo Bertolucci; C: Vittorio Storaro; M: Ryuichi Sakamoto, David Byrne. Oscars '87: Adapt. Screenplay, Art Dir./Set Dec., Cinematog., Costume Des., Director (Bertolucci), Film Editing, Picture, Sound, Orig. Score; British Acad. '88: Film; Cesar '88: Foreign Film; Directors Guild '87: Director (Bertolucci); Golden Globes '88: Director (Bertolucci), Film—Drama, Screenplay, Score; L.A. Film Critics '87: Cinematog.; N.Y. Film Critics '87: Cinematog.