The Last Don

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The Last Don ★★½ Mario Puzo's The Last Don 1997 (R)

Re-edited version of the TV miniseries finds author Puzo, of “Godfather” fame, sticking to what he knows best. The Don in question is Domenico Clericuzo (Aiello), a ruthless patriarch who wipes out the rival family his pregnant daughter Rose Marie marries into (and doesn't spare her hubby). Carrying out the Don's orders is nephew Pippi (Mantegna), an enforcer who weds Vegas showgirl Nalene (Miller) and who gets involved in the casino business. The years pass with the Don manipulating the next generation, as bloodthirsty grandchild Dante (Cochrane) fights for control with Pippi's cool-headed son Cross (Gedrick). Divided loyalties abound. A complete five-hour version of the saga is also available. 150m/C VHS, DVD . Nick(y) Corello, Danny Aiello, Joe Mantegna, Jason Gedrick, Rory Cochrane, Penelope Ann Miller, Daryl Hannah, Kirstie Alley, Michelle Rene Thomas, David Marciano, Robert Wuhl, k.d. lang, John Colicos, Cliff DeYoung, Michael Massee; D: Graeme Clifford; W: Joyce Eliason; C: Gordon C. Lonsdale; M: Angelo Badalamenti, Roger Bellon.