The Last Days of Chez Nous

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The Last Days of Chez Nous ★★½ 1992 (R)

Armstrong's dramatic comedy about a family falling apart has Ganz as a homesick Frenchman married to controlling, successful Australian writer Harrow. Trouble starts when his wayward sister-in-law Fox returns home to live with them and his wife decides to take an extended holiday with her father. Ganz suddenly finds himself only too involved in Fox's complicated life. Self-involved characters with messy emotional lives leave viewers feeling rather distant, though cast, and particularly Ganz, strive for intimacy. 96m/C VHS . AU Bruno Ganz, Lisa Harrow, Kerry Fox, Kiri Paramore, Bill Hunter, Miranda Otto; D: Gillian Armstrong; W: Helen Garner; M: Paul Grabowsky. Australian Film Inst. '92: Actress (Harrow).