The Last Mimzy

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The Last Mimzy ★★ 2007 (PG)

Loose adaptation of Lewis Padgett's short story “All Mimzy Were the Borogroves” (yeah, it's from Lewis Carroll's “Jabber-wocky”). Noah (O'Neil) and his sister Emma (Wynn) find a box that's filled with odd objects, including a cute stuffed rabbit named Mimzy, who is actually a spokes—uh—rabbit from the future, where things are bad because of pollution and disease. The objects give the kids extraordinary powers that they are expected to use to solve these eco problems. Noah's spiritually-minded science teacher Larry (Wilson) thinks this is very cool, while the kids' parents seem to be fairly oblivious. Overstuffed with ideas but not condescending, which is a plus. 90m/C DVD . US Joely Richardson, Timothy Hutton, Rainn Wilson, Kathryn Hahn, Noah Wilder, Rhiannon Leigh Wyn, Michael Clarke Duncan; D: Robert Shaye; W: Bruce Joel Rubin, Toby Emmerich; C: J.(James) Michael Muro; M: Howard Shore.