The Last Minute

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The Last Minute ★★ 2001 (R)

Billy Byrne (Beesley) is the “next big thing” and subjected to an incredible amount of media hype. But when his latest project is considered a dud, he falls just as fast. Jobless, friendless, and hopeless, Billy is taken in by Anna (Corrie), a young ruffian living with a group of adolescents under the thrall of Fagin-like drug dealer Grimshanks (Bell). Billy gets sucked into this new world as easily as he was manipulated in the old one. 104m/C VHS, DVD . GB Max Beesley, Tom Bell, Emily Corrie, Ciaran McMenamin, Jason Isaacs, Kate Ashfield, Anthony (Corlan) Higgins, Udo Kier, Stephen Dorff; D: Stephen Norrington; W: Stephen Norrington; C: James Welland; M: Paul Rabjohns.