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viva voceApache, catchy, patchy, scratchy, snatchy •hibachi, Karachi, Liberace, starchy, vivace •sketchy, stretchy, tetchy •squelchy • Strachey •caliche, Campeche, peachy, preachy, screechy •bitchy, itchy, kitschy, pitchy, Richie, titchy, twitchy •Medici • semplice •blotchy, bocce, notchy, splotchy •grouchy, pouchy, slouchy •sotto voce, viva voce •Bertolucci, smoochy, Vespucci •archduchy, duchy, touchy •churchy

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vi·va vo·ce / ˌvēvə ˈvōchā; ˌvīvə ˈvōsē/ • adj. (esp. of an examination) oral rather than written. • adv. orally rather than in writing. • n. (also vi·va) Brit. an oral examination, typically for an academic qualification.

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[Latin, With the living voice; by word of mouth.] Verbally; orally.

When applied to the examination of witnesses, the term viva voce means oral testimony as opposed to testimony contained in depositions or affidavits.

Viva voce voting is voting by speech, as distinguished from voting by a written or printed ballot.

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