Viva Zapata!

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Viva Zapata! ★★★★ 1952

Chronicles the life of Mexican revolutionary Emiliano Zapata. Brando is powerful as he leads the peasant revolt in the early 1900s, only to be corrupted by power and greed. Quinn well deserved his Best Supporting Actor Oscar for his performance as Zapata's brother. Based on the novel “Zapata the Unconquered” by Edgcumb Pinchon. 112m/B VHS, DVD . Marlon Brando, Anthony Quinn, Jean Peters, Margo, Arnold Moss, Joseph Wiseman, Mildred Dunnock; D: Elia Kazan; W: John Steinbeck; M: Alex North. Oscars ‘52: Support. Actor (Quinn); British Acad. ‘52: Actor (Brando); Cannes ‘52: Actor (Brando).