Vive l'Amour

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Vive l'Amour ★★ Aiqing Wansui 1994

A furnished Taipei luxury apartment is the setting for three characters who make use of the space but have little connection to each other. Guimei is the real estate agent who's trying to sell the apartment and uses it for casual sex, including an encounter with street vendor Zhaorong. The third part of the triangle is young salesman Kangsheng, who's broken into the place to commit suicide but is forestalled by Zhaorong, with whom Kangsheng then becomes sexually intrigued. The trio come and go, mostly alone, so dialogue is at a minimum. Taiwanese with subtitles. 118m/C VHS, DVD . TW Yang Guimei, Chen Zhaorong, Li Kangsheng; D: Tsai Ming-Liang; W: Tsai Ming-Liang; C: Penjung Liao, Mingkuo Lin.