Vivanti, David Abraham

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VIVANTI, DAVID ABRAHAM (1806–1876), Italian rabbi. Born in *Ancona, Vivanti came from a well-known Italian-Jewish family, originally from Mantua, which had settled in Ancona in the first half of the 18th century. When still a youth, he was ordained as a rabbi and appointed to the bet din at Ancona, and in 1840 became rabbi of the community.

Vivanti wrote commentaries on the Pentateuch and Psalms, both of which are unpublished. His annotations to the Shulḥan Arukh, arranged in alphabetic order and containing halakhic decisions both of his own and earlier authorities, and annotations to the Sefer ha-Ḥinnukh (according to the Venice edition of 1600), together with a kinah composed by him for the 24 martyrs of Ancona and some homilies, were published by H. Rosemberg, Keẓat mi-Kitvei … David Avraham Ḥai (1932); and in Italian Saggio degli Scritti degli Rabbini David Abraham Vivante (1929).

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