Vivald (Ubald), Bl.

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Franciscan tertiary; d. Boscotondo, Italy, May 1, 1320. Vivald was a pious and charitable man, converted by Bl. Bartolus Bompedoni, a leprous priest. He became, like Bartolus, a Franciscan tertiary and renounced all worldly possessions. After the latter's death in December 1300, Vivald withdrew to a forest near Camporena, eight miles from San Gimignano to devote himself to prayer and fasting. He died in a humble cell at Boscotondo and immediately the bells of Montaione, almost five miles to the northeast, began to chime. A huntsman discovered the hermit's body and sounded the alarm. Crowds of people came, miracles occurred, and a small church to Our Lady as built on the spot. Over a period of 13 years in the early 16th century Cherubim Conzi of Florence directed the erection of the church and convent of San Vivaldo. Vivald was beatified in 1908.

Feast: May 21 (formerly May 1).

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