Rabinowitz, Eliahu Wolf

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RABINOWITZ, ELIAHU WOLF (1853–1932), Hebrew writer. Born in Stawiski, Poland, he went to Germany in his youth. Rabinowitz joined the Socialist movement, was also involved in the Hebrew Socialist Circle and became friendly with Morris *Vinchevski. In 1876, after contributing to the journal Ha-Shaḥar, he became the assistant of M.L. *Rodkinson, owner of Ha-Kol. As a result of the persecution of German Socialists he moved to Paris and then to London (1880). A member of Ḥibbat Zion from its early days, he conducted a correspondence with Judah L. *Levin regarding the social prospects of Palestinian settlement in Ereẓ Israel (Ha-Maggid (1883), no. 20). In his later years he published chapters from his memoirs, in Haolam (1927), nos. 52, 53, and in Iyyim, 1 (1927). His autobiographical notes appeared in Davar (July 7, 1933).


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