Rabon (Rubin), Israel

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RABON (Rubin ), ISRAEL (1900–1941), Yiddish poet and novelist. Born in Govertshev, Poland, Rabon lived most of his life in Lodz. He was murdered by the Nazis at Ponary, near Vilna. He wrote his works of raw power and imaginative force under several pseudonyms including Yisrolik der Kleyner, Rut Vintsigster, Shabtai Tsiter, and Y. Rozental. His books include poetry, Hintern Ployt fun der Velt ("Behind the World's Fence," 1928) and Groer Friling ("Grey Spring," 1933), and two novels, Di Gas ("The Street," 1928), and Balut, Roman fun a Forshtot ("Balut, Novel of a Suburb," 1934).


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