Raboy, Marc

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RABOY, Marc. Canadian (born United States), b. 1948. Genres: Communications/Media. Career: Montreal Star, Montreal, Quebec, journal- ist, 1969-72; Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), Montreal, journal- ist, 1972-77; free-lance journalist, 1972-86; Concordia University, Montreal, part-time professor, 1980-86; Laval University, Quebec, associate professor, 1986-93; University of Montreal, professor, 1993-. Publications: Movements and Messages: Media and Radical Politics in Quebec, Between the Lines, 1984; (ed.) Old Passions, New Visions, Between the Lines, 1986; (ed. with P.A. Bruck) Communication for and Against Democracy, 1989; Missed Opportunities: The Story of Canada's Broadcasting Policy, 1990; (ed. with B. Dagenais) Media, Crisis and Democracy: Mass Communication and the Disruption of Social Order, 1992; (ed.) Public Broadcasting for the Twenty- First Century, 1996. Address: Department of Communication, University of Montreal, Box 6128, Station A, Montreal, QC, Canada H3C 3J7.