Rabinovich, Yehudah Leib

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RABINOVICH, YEHUDAH LEIB (Leon ; 1862–1937), Hebrew writer, editor, and physicist; known by his pen name, Ish Yehudi. Born in Brestovitz, Russia, Rabinovich studied medicine and physics. In 1887 he began to write popular articles on science etc. in *Ha-Meliẓ and Keneset Yisrael. In 1890 he won a gold medal at the Paris Exhibition for his inventions.

A collection of his articles appeared in Ha-Yerushah veha-Ḥinnukh (1903), and Yesod Leshon ha-Mikra (1939). In 1903 he published a Yiddish newspaper Bleter fun a Togbukh. Later he served as editor of Ha-Meliẓ but was unable to adapt it to the spirit of the times, and had to discontinue it in 1904. In his later years he lived in poverty in Leningrad and contributed articles to the Jewish press in the United States. His memoirs appeared in Hadoar, 3 (1924), no. 1, pp. 7–8; no. 3, pp. 5–6).


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