Paulus de Liazariis

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Canonist; b. probably at Bologna, toward the end of the 13th century; d. Bologna, Feb. 8, 1356. He studied at the University of Bologna, numbering among his teachers joannes andreae, and received his doctorate in both civil and canon law. Married three times (last in 1349), he had three children. He taught at the University of Bolognauntil 1321 when, in violation of the university statutes, he went to teach at Siena. In 1325 he left Siena to teach at Perugia, but by 1333 he was again teaching at Bologna. He headed a legation to Benedict XII at Avignon in 1338. His most famous work was the Lectura super Clementinas, written probably at Perugia and completed before 1330. It is often cited by later writers. He wrote also Casus summarii or Epitome Clementinarum.

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