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In the Encyclopedia, "man" is frequently used in a non-gender-specific way, most typically when man is considered as a theological or philosophical entity. The principal article is man (1. In the Bible; 2. In Philosophy;3. In Theology). For the science that examines the Christian understanding of man, see anthropology, theological and christian anthropology. For articles that deal specifically with women, see woman; women in the bible; women and papal teaching.

Throughout the Encyclopedia man is considered from a variety of perspectives. For the origin of man see, e.g., creation; soul, human, origin of. There are several articles that deal with human nature and its supernatural fulfillment, e.g., man, natural end of; supernatural; grace and nature; pure nature, state of; destiny, supernatural; supernatural existential; desire to see god, natural; elevation of man. In the area of moral theology the principal articles are moral theology and moral theology, history of; see also natural law. There are in addition general articles on social justice (social thought, catholic; social thought, papal), sexual morality (sex; sex [in the bible]), and medical ethics (medical ethics), as well as individual articles on various virtues, vices, and ethical issues (e.g., justice; lying; human genome). Spirituality is understood in the Encyclopedia as part of anthropology. The general article is spirituality, christian; there are also articles on various approaches of spirituality (e.g., carmelite spirituality; spirituality, rhenish; lay spirituality) and terms and concepts important in the history of Christian spirituality (e.g., ecstasy; rapture; holy spirit, gifts of).

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