Man of the Year

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Man of the Year ★ 2006 (PG-13)

Schizoid blend of comedy and political thriller that features a subdued Williams as Tom Dobbs, a late-night talk show host whose joke about running for president turns into the real thing. But when he wins, it's thanks to a voting machine glitch that computer nerd Eleanor (Linney) warned her company about. When Eleanor tries to turn whistleblower, things really turn ridiculous, with the lady on the run from corporate hit men. Levinson should have stuck with a political satire about a well-intentioned guy taking on the biggest job in the land, which he is totally unequipped to handle. 108m/C DVD . US Robin Williams, Laura Linney, Christopher Walken, Lewis Black, Jeff Goldblum, Rick Roberts; D: Barry Levinson; W: Barry Levinson; C: Dick Pope; M: Graeme Revell.