Man Made Monster

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Man Made Monster ★★½ Atomic Monster; The Electric Man 1941

Chaney stars as carnival performer “Dynamo” Dan McCormick, whose act has caused Dan to build up an immunity to electrical charges. Dan falls prey to the mad Dr. Rigas (Atwill) who seeks to create a race of electro-men who'll do his bidding. Experiments on the hapless Dan turn him into a glowing monster whose very touch can kill. Chaney's first role in the horror genre led to Universal's casting him in “The Wolf Man” and “The Ghost of Frankenstein.” 61m/B VHS . Lon Chaney Jr., Lionel Atwill, Anne Nagel, Frank Albertson, Samuel S. Hinds; D: George Waggner; W: Joseph West; C: Elwood “Woody” Bredell.