Luria, Noah

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LURIA, NOAH (Lurye, Noyekh ; 1886–1960), Soviet Yiddish poet, essayist, editor, translator, and pedagogue. Born in Blashne, Belorussia, Luria joined the *Bund in 1905, was imprisoned in 1907–8, and joined the Russian army in 1917 after the February Revolution. From 1918 he was an official of the Yidishe Kultur Lige in Kiev and was active in reforming Jewish education there. He began to write in his early twenties, first in Hebrew and later in Yiddish, writing for children and translating European children's classics into Yiddish. From 1930 he mainly wrote realistic tales of Soviet Jewish life. His last Yiddish work to appear in his lifetime was a review in Heymland, 6 (July–August 1948), while a Russian translation of one of his works appeared in 1957. He died in Moscow, reportedly leaving behind many unpublished critical studies. His story "Oys Khaver" ("No Longer Friends") was reprinted in the first issue of Sovetish Heymland (1962).


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