Lurie, Ranan Raymond

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LURIE, RANAN RAYMOND (1932– ), political cartoonist, editor, lecturer. A member of the renowned Luria family, Lurie was born in Port Said to a family that had been in Jerusalem for six generations. He was educated in Tel Aviv (Herzlia Hebrew Gymnasia) and in Jerusalem (art college) and served as a major (res.) in the idf paratroops. He worked for Israeli newspapers until invited by Life magazine to come to the United States in 1968. There he worked as political cartoonist for Life, Newsweek, and Time, and his cartoons are syndicated in more than 1,000 publications in 102 countries with a total readership of 104 million. Ten books of his cartoons were published in five languages and he received many awards for his work. He contributed regularly to leading television shows and was editor in chief of Cartoon News magazine.

His son Rod was a radio talk show ("The Rod Lurie Show") host in Los Angeles and published Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.