Cahan, Judah Loeb

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CAHAN, JUDAH LOEB (Yehude-Leyb, Lewis ; 1881–1937), U.S. Yiddish folklorist. Born in Vilna. Cahan compiled classic collections of Yiddish folksongs and folktales and wrote on the methodology of Yiddish folklore study and trained students in it. Associated with the *yivo Institute for Jewish Research, he was chosen to head its folklore committee. His works include Yidishe Folkslider mit Melodien (2 vols., 1912, 19202; 2nd collection 1930; another collection ed. by M. Weinreich, 1957); Yidishe Folks-mayses (1931); and the posthumous yivo publication Shtudyes vegn Yidisher Folksshafung (1952).


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