Cagliero, Juan

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Missionary, bishop, and cardinal; b. Castelnuovo Don Bosco, Jan. 11, 1838; d. Rome, Feb. 28, 1926. From the age of 13, he was a favorite pupil of St. John bosco in Turin. He became seriously ill in 1854, and on that occasion Bosco had two visions that foretold the future of the young boy. He recovered, joined the Salesians that same year, and was ordained in 1862. He was a music teacher and composer. In 1875 he led the first ten Salesians who came to America and founded five houses in Argentina and Uruguay in less than two years. In 1877 he returned to Italy and there became spiritual director for both branches of the Salesian Society. In 1883 he was chosen vicar apostolic of Patagonia and made titular bishop of Magida. In 1885 he went to Patagonia, where he served as a missionary until 1904, when he was named titular archbishop of Sebaste and diocesan visitor in Italy. In 1908 the Pope sent him to San José de Costa Rica as apostolic delegate to Central America. He found five bishops there and raised the number to 20. In 1915 he was made a cardinal, and in 1921 he accepted the Diocese of Frascati.

Bibliography: r. a. entraigas, El Apostol de la Patagonia (Rosario, Argentina 1956).

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