Beilin, Asher

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BEILIN, ASHER (1881–1948), Hebrew and Yiddish journalist, author, and editor. Beilin was born in Kiev. He worked intermittently as *Shalom Aleichem's secretary (1901–05). In 1906 he moved to London, where he engaged in journalism, and in 1933 settled in Jerusalem. Beilin contributed extensively to the Hebrew and Yiddish press, edited Yiddish papers, and in his later years wrote for the Tel Aviv Hebrew daily newspaper, Davar. His writings include reminiscences of J.Ḥ. *Brenner (1943), with whom he collaborated for many years, and Shalom Aleichem (1945), a novel Al Belimah ("On Nothing," 1928), and a play Banim li-Gevulam ("Sons to their Border," 1945). His selected works were published in 1956.


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