Beilhart, Jacob 1867-1908

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BEILHART, Jacob 1867-1908

PERSONAL: Born March 4, 1867, in Fairfield, OH; died of peritonitis following surgery November 24, 1908, in Ingleside, IL; son of John (a farmer) and Barbara (Schlotter) Beilhartz; married, 1887. Education: Attended Healdsburg College.

CAREER: Farm worker in Kansas, c. 1885; preacher and evangelist in Kansas, beginning c. 1888; worked at a sanitarium in Battle Creek, MI, in the early 1890s; operator of a medical boarding house c. late 1890s; Spirit Fruit (magazine), Lisbon (now New Lisbon), OH, founder and publisher, beginning 1899; Spirit Fruit Society (commune; later known as Freedom Hill), founder and leader, 1901-08.


Love Letters from Spirit to You, privately printed (Roscoe, CA), 1929, reprinted, New Age Publishing (Los Angeles, CA), 1960.

My Life and Teachings, Quo Vadia? (Geneva, Switzerland), 1932.

Some writings were translated into French and Portuguese.



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