Enghien, Louis Antoine Henri de Bourbon-Condé, duc d'

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Louis Antoine Henri de Bourbon-Condé Enghien, duc d' (lwē äNtwän´ äNrē´ də bŏŏrbôN´-kôNdā´ dük däNgyăN´), 1772–1804, French émigré; son of Louis Henri Joseph de Condé (see under Condé, family). He was unjustly accused by Napoleon Bonaparte, then first consul of France, of participating in the conspiracy of Georges Cadoudal against Napoleon. On Napoleon's orders, the duke was kidnapped from his residence in Ettenheim, Baden, and within the space of a few hours, was court-martialed and shot at Vincennes (Mar. 21, 1804). Napoleon's brutal procedure provoked a revulsion of feeling against him throughout Europe.

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