Engelmann, Gabriel

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ENGELMANN, GABRIEL (d. 1850), Hungarian talmudist and rosh yeshivah. Engelmann was born in Vaguihely. For 15 years he served as dayyan in his native town and later was appointed rabbi and av bet din of Rohonc, Hungary, where he remained until his death. He devoted most of his life to his yeshivah and in the introduction to his Einei Yisrael (pt. 1) relates that he chose for himself the way trodden by most Jewish scholars to devote himself to study and teaching. His contemporaries esteemed him highly and those who gave their approbations to his books included Moses *Sofer. Engelmann's Einei Yisrael is in two parts, the first (Vienna, 1822) on tractates Shevu'ot and Bava Batra, the second (ibid., 1824) on Ḥullin. Some erroneously attributed to him the Gevurat ha-Shem (1838), a commentary on the Passover Haggadah, but its author is Gabriel b. Jacob Katz of Szamotuly.


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[Naphtali Ben-Menahem]