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Condé (1530–1830) Junior branch of the French royal house of Bourbon. Notable members of the line included Louis I, Prince de Condé (1530–69), a Huguenot leader. The third prince was Henry II (1588–1646), a Catholic, who was arrested for blackmail and sedition (1616), but was reconciled to the monarchy under King Louis XIII. Louis II, the Great Condé (1621–86), was a famous general. Victorious against Spain at Rocroi (1643), he was later involved in the civil conflict known as the Frondes, opposing the Regent Anne and Cardinal Mazarin. Louis Joseph de Bourbon-Condé; (1736–1818) led the émigré nobility during the French Revolution.

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condé Dessert of creamed rice with fruit and red jam sauce. Also the name of a type of patisserie.