Condemned to Live

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Condemned to Live ★★ 1935

Mildmannered doctor Ralph Morgan and his fiancee Maxine Doyle seem like your average early 20th Century Middle-European couple…but the doctor's hunch-backed servant Mischa Auer is a tipoff that this is a horror movie of some sort. Like many men, the doctor has suffered from a vampire curse all his life. And, like many men, he is unaware of his bloodsucking habit, thanks to the concealment efforts of his loyal (hunchback) servant. Doyle dis covers her fiance's sanguine secret, but not before she finds out she really loves Gleason, anyway. Answers the question: just how do you jilt a vampire? 68m/B VHS, DVD . Ralph Morgan, Maxine Doyle, Russell Gleason, Pedro de Cordoba, Mischa Auer, Lucy Beaumont, Carl Stockdale; D: Frank Strayer.