Lisboa, Joaquim Marques (1807–1897)

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Lisboa, Joaquim Marques (1807–1897)

Joaquim Marques Lisboa (Almirante Tamandaré; b. 13 December 1807; d. 20 March 1897), patron of the Brazilian navy. Tamandaré graduated from the Naval Academy in 1826. He was appointed to noble status (baron, viscount, count, and marquis Tamandaré) by Dom Pedro II for suppressing various rebellions, including the Confederation of the Equator (1824), the Balaiada Rebellion (1838–1841), and the Praieira Revolt (1848–1849). As commander of Brazilian naval forces in the Rio de La Plata in 1864, Tamandaré was involved in bringing pressure on the Uruguayan regime of Atanásio Cruz Aguirre by leading the attacks against Salto and Paissandú. He supported the mission of Counselor José Antônio Saraiva, who was seeking satisfaction of Brazilian claims against the Uruguayan government. Tamandaré's testy, impulsive nature created problems for himself and the Brazilian government. He incurred the displeasure of the diplomatic corps when he tried to impose a blockade on Montevideo during a time of peace. He quarreled bitterly with other leaders of the high command of the forces of the Triple Alliance, and, despite numerous minor victories, he was strongly criticized for hesitating to attack the Paraguayan stronghold of Humaitá. He was finally relieved of his command in December 1866 and returned to Brazil, where, because of his long service, he was maintained on the active list until shortly after the creation of the Republic (1889). Tamandaré carried out an endless campaign to exonerate his name, a goal that was finally achieved via the Supreme Military Tribunal a few days before his death. His birthday is celebrated as Sailors' Day.

See alsoWar of the Triple Alliance .


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